Goad and Ziller Continue to Pour It on with Northwest Herald Ads

Just as they did Sunday, Grafton Township Trustee write-in candidate Dan Ziller, Jr., and Don Goad, who appears to be the favored Republican candidate for the officially non-partisan Greenwood Township Road Commissioner post, ran half page ads in Monday’s Northwest Herald.

Greenwood Township, you may remember is one where Democrats like Jack Franks are supporting Tom Ganka for road commissioner, Ed Riley for township supervisor and Kerry Julian for township clerk.

Goad’s ad touts support from the following (click to enlarge the ad):

  • Ed Dvorak, McHenry County Board member and former Nunda Township Road Commissioner
  • Chuck Majercik, former McHenry Township Road Commissioner
  • Bob Miller, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner
  • Tom Thurman, Dorr Township Road Commissioner
  • Dale Behm, Woodstock Superintendent of Streets
  • McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren
  • Leon Van Every, McHenry Township Road Commissioner
  • Don Kopsell, Nunda Township Road Commissioner and, most importantly,
  • Roger May, retiring Greenwood Township Road Commissioner

Besides Goad and Ganka, there are two more candidate for the road commissioner slot. Tom Wyse, who used to work for the Greenwood Township Road Commissioner and was laid off (because of financial reasons or because he was planning to run for road commissioner, depending on who you talk to) and write-in candidate Tom Borta have signs all over the township.

Riley is being opposed by current Township Clerk Barb Klasen. Candidate for township clerk, Kenda Rishling, appears to be aligned with Klasen.

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