Saturday’s Young Republican Rally

A bit late to report on the YR’s VFW rally last Saturday night, but there’s no competition from the local daily papers, so here’s what I have.

First we have Young Republican President Bryan Javor talking to Crystal Lake city council candidate Kay Stanish.

Next you see two Nunda Township candidates posing some YR’s in attendance.

From left to right, they are Nunda Township Trustee candidate Joni Smith, YR Kristin Culley, RY Vice Chair Erica Poremba, YR Membership Chair
Salvatore Cucinella and Nunda Township Trustee and candidate for re-election Jim Schlader.

Finally, here is a photo of State Representative and McHenry County Republican Part Chairman Mike Tryon talking with District 300 school board candidate Rob Lee.

Over 50 attended the rally.

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