Sun City Vote Way Off

The numbers are telling.

And tell the difference in the Huntley School District 158 board election.

Two years ago Easter was before election day.

This year Easter is late and Mike Skala probably caught a huge break in his race against Larry Snow for Huntley school board.

You see, many Sun City residents don’t return North until after Easter.

In the Kane county part of Sun City, two years ago there were 1260 ballots cast in the school board election. This time around only 779. That’s almost a 500 vote difference.

The McHenry County side of Sun City probably experienced a similar drop off. Overall probably about a 900 vote difference.

Granted, Snow would not sweep every vote, but what did Skala win by? About 1000 votes

There were almost 600 more registered voters in this part of Kane County, District 158 than two years ago (today 4761 versus 4163). In the Kane County half of Sun City, 600 more potential registered voters and 500 fewer votes cast. Skala did get 16 more votes in Kane County this time around (317 versus 301).

In McHenry County, Skala got more teachers and their families to get out and vote while likely Sun City voting was down significantly.

While a small fortune in election signs might mask what really happened, it appears

Sun City vote way down

Teacher vote way up

Bingo, that’s the election.

You can read my first take on the election here:


Sun City Vote Way Off — 3 Comments

  1. Y’know, you are looking for any reason that you deem viable as to why Mr. Skala won this election in some unfair manner. It was because of this, or it was because of that.

    How about the fact that the possibility actually exists that the people felt he was the better man for the job this time around? If he doesn’t perform well enough to what is best for the district and for all those children’s needs, then the people will speak again at the next election. It’s called democracy.

    You always claim that everyone is against Mr. Snow or is out to get him in some way. That is typical knee-jerk behavior for when the side you support loses.

    I just wish you’d take the high road Cal… and not make speculations that are yours alone. Sure, this is your blog. Guess that means you have every right. But it doesn’t mean you are always fair.

  2. You saw more of the campaign than I. Surely you don’t think it was primarily an issue-oriented campaign.

  3. I can’t say that every election is done in a totally fair manner. That’s politics. Not many people go into politics without the realization that somewhere along the line, some mud is going to get slung.

    So sure, this campaign and election may not have been perfect, and none of them are. But what I do ask of you now is that you let the newly elected man take the reins as he has rightly earned, and give him a chance.

    Just like our new President Obama – whether you voted for him or not, you should be praying for wisdom for him and that he lead our country the best way he can. It won’t be perfect, but can’t you give both men a chance?

    Again, as I said before, if what they do isn’t satisfactory to the people, then they will speak again and make a new choice next election. It’s how our country works and what it was founded on. That’s the fairness I ask for, from all concerned.

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