Women Continue to Rule Lakewood

The outgoing Lakewood Village President is Julie Richardson. You see her above (second from the left). Sitting to her right is Julie Hansen, the village clerk. To her left is Village Administrator Catherine Peterson and Village Attorney Richard Flood.

For the rest of our lives, my wife and I shall be grateful for her successful effort to ban leaf burning.

We can now leave our bedroom windows open during the fall and couldn’t before.

When Richardson decided to retire, two candidates filed for office.

Former Village Trustee Erin Smith was one.

She grew up in Country Club Additions, the part of Lakewood between Crystal Lake and the Crystal Lake Country Club and Wedgewood. Smith now lives in Turnberry and has a responsible job at Motorola which allows her some flexibility to work from home some times.

She campaign hard, especially in original Lakewood. You could tell by all the signs.

The other candidate was John O’Hara, who has been involved in the zoning end of village government. I received no campaign literature from him.

I observed both at a village board meeting concerning the budget. Both asked good questions, but there was obvious posturing from both sides in front of an audience that exceeded the number of people who usually go to Crystal Lake City Council meetings.

There is continuing tension between Lakewood and Crystal Lake.

A suit over sewage treatment fee payment, which I suspect is just making the lawyers money, remains outstanding, goes on. A court settlement seems to be the only answer.

Afterward, maybe the two neighbors can move on.

The opportunity for providing more rational fire protection services exists for both municipalities, if anyone can dampen down the hostility Crystal Lake officials seem to feel when Lakewood decided it would be cheaper to create its own fire department, rather than pay for a level of fire protection that commercial and high rish Crystal Lake needs, but residential Lakewood does not.

The election is over and the results show a convincing victory for Smith.

She got 62% of the vote with O’Hara receiving 38%.

The vote totals were 434 to 268.


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