Cary Grade School Tax Hike Proponent Out

The Cary District 26 School Board drama started with the authorization of a $17 million Working Cash Fund referendum.

I am no fan of Working Cash Funds.

They are mechanisms whereby school districts borrow money for current operations and, after having drained the fund, can borrow the money again with asking for additional permission.
They are basically credit cards that never get paid off.

Voting for the measure were

  • Board President Craig Loew
  • Stephen Bush
  • Julie Jette
  • Dave Ruelle

Those opposed were

  • Chris Jenner
  • Randy Lawrence
  • Julie Lehman

Four of the school board members were up for re-election Tuesday, three who voted for putting the referendum on the ballot and Chris Jenner, who opposed it.

The electorate seem to give women bonus votes around here.

You may remember that my research shows that a woman gets about a five percentage point advantage in elections. I speculate that it may be there have been many, many fewer crooked women politicians around here than men.

In any event referendum supporter Julie Jette won re-election, getting more votes than anyone else for the four-year term. Jette was appointed in 2008.

Second was referendum opponent Chris Jenner.

Newcomer Christopher Spoerl captured the third of four seats.

He’s currently president of the D-26 Education Foundation. His wife is PTO president and was on the FACT committee in 2003-4. That was the committee that worked with PMA Financial to try to soften up the community for a big tax hike referendum.

Incumbent and referendum proponent Dave Ruelle got the final four-year term.

Coming in out of the money, so to speak, even though school board members are not paid, was Board President Craig Loew, one of the referendum’s supporters.

Jenner, Ruelle and Loew, running for re-election, were first elected in 2005. They, along with Lawrence ran a coordinated campaign that year.

The results on the McHenry County Clerk’s web site last night were

  • Julie Jette – 1,512
  • Chris Jenner – 1,494
  • Christopher Spoerl – 1,477
  • Dave Ruelle – 1,407
  • Craig Loew – 1,288

Spoerl was first on the ballot, giving him something of ballot placement advantage.

Vicki Lynn Pesch was unopposed for the two-year term. She got 1,871 votes. She was part of the committee urging a “Yes” vote on the Working Cash Fund referendum.

1,754 voted against the bond issue, while 922 supported it.

66% – “No;” 34% “Yes.”

A school board president has not lost a re-election bid since Huntley Mike Skala’s narrow defeat two years ago.
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The photo is of Chris Jenner fighting the Village of Cary’s TIF tax hike across from the Cary train station.

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