Huntley School Board President Shawn Green Tells of District Opposition to HB 2354

I’m trying to catch up with stories that deserve coverage. (I never will, but I’m trying.)

Here’s an email from Shawn Green, President of Huntley School District 158’s School Board.

He tells of the district’s opposition to House Bill 2354, the pro-abortion bill that had so much bad content that it even attracted the attention of the Huntley School district.

Read why below:

“You and I obviously have different views on the positive vs. negative impact some of my fellow board members have had.

“Putting that aside, I want to extend my gratitude for your efforts in shedding light on HB 2354.

“Because of the provisions in the bill that attempt to radically alter the School Code, I drafted a resolution for our BOE to take a public stance against it. It passed the committee level without objection and is up for formal approval on this month’s consent agenda. Here’s the resolution:

“The Board of Education for Consolidated School District #158 opposes HB 2354.

“We believe the provisions in this bill amending the School Code by removing the teaching of ‘sexual abstinence until marriage,’ and adding the requirement for school districts to provide ‘comprehensive sexual health education’ are wholly inappropriate.

“These requirements take critical local control authority away from school districts, and the District 158 Board of Education strongly encourages our legislators to vote against passage of this bill.”

Thankfully HB2354 is shelved for now, but we all know the liberals will try and bring it back as soon as they can.

Thanks again for the position you’ve taken on this and don’t hesitate to contact me regarding this or any other issue.

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The photo of Huntley School Board President Shawn Green was taken at the Crystal Lake TEA Party on April 15th, of which he wrote in a comment to the Northwest Herald story that he counted over 300 in attendance at 12:30.

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