John Gray, New Blogger in Town, at Least to Me

I happened upon

Political and Societal Commentary

It’s written by a relative new blogger who lives in Crystal Lake.

Raised here, his name is John Gray and he is building an IT consulting business, Gray Matter Innovations.

Here’s what Gray says about himself:

My name is John Gray. I am 41 years old, married, and live in Crystal Lake, IL. I am a father of four, two daughters and twin sons. My sons were born premature and subsequently died.

I am currently building my own IT consulting business (Gray Matter Innovations).

I decided to start ‘venting’ my thoughts, sometimes anger, about political and social issues.

I am very traditional in my values and am registered as a Republican.

That said, I have always voted for the candidate who I thought would be the best for the office they were running for regardless of their political affiliation. During my life, I have voted for republicans, democrats and a libertarian candidate or two.

He also includes the following:

Warning: I will often be controversial and may offend some people. If you are someone that gets offended easily, read no further.

If you wish to comment, be polite. If you are not polite or post hateful comments, they may be removed. If I respond to your comments, I will be polite even if I disagree with you completely.

This is a forum for truly open discussion. Opposing thoughts are always welcome as long as they are truthful and polite. If you can abide by those simple rules, come on in and join the ‘fun’.

Gray finds articles of national interest and comments on them.

He also runs a small business that produces military grade dog tags called Tags4ID.


John Gray, New Blogger in Town, at Least to Me — 1 Comment

  1. John,
    How are you and the family doing?

    If you need anything in the next couple of weeks, let us know

    Thinking of you all often

    Love, Shelly Lovejoy

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