Swine Flu Doesn’t Deter Island Lake Pig Farmer

You know, of course, that you can’t get swine flu from eating pork.

Since a lot of people are not that knowledgeable and I like pork, I figure the cost of my meat will go down as the fraidy cats stop buying pork.

And Island Lake’s NIMBY pig farmer Bob Wargaski is still holding his pig roast this Sunday from 1-5. He’s calling is a “Pigapalooza.”

You remember him. He’s the one who started a pig farm with the powers that be in Island Lake cut a deal with a developer to let him build houses on higher ground, the best site for a new village well, and, instead, decided to put it right across from Wargaski’s property.

There was a big fight, which Wargaski won.

Tickets are $8 each (good price!) and one entitles you to a plate of roast pig and red potatoes.

If they run out, there will be buffalo burgers.

If you have any questions regarding tickets, please call 815-385-7120. Want more, pop for another ticket.

And speaking of pop, soda pop and beer will be available for purchase.

I am sure the recent Island Lake elections will be discussed, but look at the invitees—local legislators State Senator Dan Duffy and State Representative Mark Beaubien, Lake County Board member Bonnie Thompson Carter, plus lots of municipal officials, plus Governor Pat Quinn.

Somehow I image that Governor Quinn won’t make the affair. If he does, he will undoubtedly find some TEA Party sympathizers.

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