Citizens Protest Bill Ayers’ Elgin Kiwanis Appearance

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog told of a possible demonstration against Elgin Kiwanis’ invitation of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to speak at lunch.

Here is a report from the scene:

“There were around a dozen of us at the (Bill) Ayers event.

“Quite a few reporters came and asked questions and a couple of what looked like some ‘students’ of Ayers were taking pictures.

“I guess they said it was justified for Ayers to be a cop killer because cops had killed some Black Panther in his bed….who expects liberals to make sense!

“Ayers arrived at the event very early, so we didn’t see him.

“Guess he didn’t have the guts to drive by us.

“Hopefully we made some people driving by more aware.”

The Daily Herald’s story is here.

He said he was “sorry.”

First time I’ve heard that.

Among the comments was:

“Note to Kiwanis: Order fewer peanuts this year.”

The photo is from a video found on Midwest Conservatives.

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