School Administrator Compensation Packages Going Public

What school administrators receive in compensation will be easily obtainable starting in October.

State Senator Dan Cronin, joined by Kirk Dillard, Chris Lauzen and John Millner have decided that the most highly paid local politicians, school district superintendents (and other administrative personnel), should be an open book.

Starting October 1st the following will be on your local school web site:

“The salary compensation report shall include without limitation base salary, bonuses, pension contributions, retirement increases, the cost of health insurance, the cost of life insurance, paid sick and vacation day payouts, annuities, and any other form of compensation or income paid on behalf of the employee.”

This will soon become the “go to” place for those looking for a new administrative job to figure out how much they can request.

House sponsor Sandra Pihos has gotten the bill on Short Debate. Since no one has yet to vote against the legislation, passage is a virtual certainty.

And, as a bonus, the teachers’ contract will also be posted on the internet.

Too bad the bill doesn’t cover junior college presidents and presidents emeriti.

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