Friends of McHenry County College Foundation Director on Leave

Tucked away in the McHenry County College agenda for April 23rd’s meetings is this little factoid:

Donna Magnani, Executive Director, Friends of MCC Foundation, has been on leave since March 13, 2009.

Todd MacDonald, Assistant Vice President of Finance, has been selected to to serve as Interim Executive Director of the Foundation until a search process can take place and the position is permanently filled. This assignment is retroactive to March 14, 2009. The interim assignment includes a stipend for the additional responsibilities of $500.00 per month.

The amount of the stipend is consistent with what has been paid to others assuming similar additional roles and functions.

This Item #09-87 is interesting on several levels. The following questions arise:

  • Why is someone on leave, if she is being replaced?
  • If Ms. Magnani is “on leave,” is it with or without pay?

Given that the college board has granted magnificent continuing pay (over $200,000 a year through mid-2010) for little work, plus family health benefits through August 21, 2012—3½ years after he resigned his full-time job, those seems like a reasonable question.

I have one other question:

Might MacDonald have time to respond to the question I left after reviewing Walt Packard’s restaurant bill in Washington to New York City, when it appeared he included his wife’s meal?

Click to enlarge the graphic. What’s on the billboard, composed by Crystal Lake Heck of a Guy blogger Allan Showalter, is worth the time.

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