The Potterville Defense

It wasn’t long in coming.

Here is Crystal Lake Republican State Representative Mike Tryon’s “ends justifies the means” defense of his voting to allow slot machines in every location with a liquor license:

More Than $160 Million for Local Roads in Statewide Capital Plan

Last night, the Illinois House and Senate made a monumental vote to pass the state’s first major capital construction program in a decade.

I am thrilled to announce that McHenry County is a big winner, receiving more than

  • $40 million for Route 47,
  • $82.5 million for the Algonquin Western Bypass, and
  • $16.6 million for the interchange at Route 47 and I-90.

This is a historic day for McHenry County as this capital plan will provide tremendous traffic relief for our residents.

I have been working my entire political career to secure full funding of the Western Bypass – which is one of the most congested roads in the state. This infrastructure is absolutely necessary to support our growing community.


  • $82.5 million will be used to fund the Western Bypass project between Route 31 North and Route 31 South, and
  • $40 million will be used to add lanes to Route 47 between Reed Road and Kreutzer Road.

I also fought to secure $44 million for local roads including

  • Route 14 in Crystal Lake,
  • Route 31 and
  • Route 176 and Walkup

in a mini-capital plan that the General Assembly approved earlier this month.

McHenry County is really in a good position because so many of our projects are very far in the engineering process and ready for construction. Our roads are in deplorable conditions and this capital bill will create a safer McHenry County for everyone on the roadway.

The capital plan will be funded through legalizing video poker machines throughout the state, minor taxes on discretionary items like beer and wine, and various increases on vehicle fees.

Although, I was not completely comfortable with each of the funding mechanisms approved, this capital plan was critical in capturing federal dollars dedicated to transportation projects in our area.

I also believe that this will capital plan will help put hundreds of thousands of people back to work and jumpstart the economy.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns at (815) 459-6453.


Michael W. Tryon
Illinois State Representative
64th District

I would note there is no mention of funding the Bolz Road Bridge without which the Western Bypass will not work. Local officials have asked Kane County to make the Bolz Road Bridge a toll bridge. But there will be no toll on the new bridge across the Mississippi River.

Please note that the tollway interchange in Huntley about the same distance south of the McHenry-Kane County line as is the proposed Bolz Road toll bridge.

On the plus side, now the State of Illinois has enough money to match the federal money that has been earmarked for Illinois.

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The photo of Potterville is from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The picture of State Rep. Mike Tryon is from the press conference that he, Congressman Don Manzullo, State Senator Pam Althoff and numerous local officials held near the intersection of Routes 62 and 31 to condemn Governor Rod Blagojevich for taking the money Manzullo had earmarked for the Western Bypass out of the IDOT highway plan.

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