The Skunk, the Meerkats and the Elephant – Part 1

Gerry McMahon is a colorful guy.

He is also passionate.

Last night at the Grafton Township meeting he made a what he characterized as an “emotional” argument that would be appropriate for a referendum campaign asking voters to approve borrowing $3.5 million (plus over $1.5 million interest) to build a new township hall.

But the Grafton Township trustees are dead set against holding a referendum.

The issue might lose, the same way township-hall-without-a-referendum supporter Supervisor John Rossi did to Linda Moore.

According to Daily Herald reporter Jameel Naqvi, he said taxpayers opposing that proposal were hunting the wrong animal.

It was so, so tiny in the scheme of African savannah.

Just a meerkat, my son’s favorite animal. The subject of the poster he just turned in.

“They want to hunt meerkats?” he asked after reading the article. “That’s not right.”

McMahon seemed to be saying taxpayers should be trying to kill an elephant instead of the meerkats.

Over my son’s head, maybe. (Could McMahon have been talking about Huntley School District 158?)

“This is nothing, absolutely nothing, and a waste of time,” McMahon said as he finished his savannah analogy.

“I will not tolerate this kind of silliness.”

The problem with McMahon’s argument are multifold.

Let’s start with the easy one.

He’s lost the kid vote.

And, McMahon was just elected as a Republican.

Why would he be suggesting taxpayers should be hunting elephants?

The elephant is the symbol of our party.

Maybe he should have compared the elephant to himself and the other GOP-labeled township trustees, all of whom want to build a township hall without asking for the voters permission.

Maybe the elected officials are the elephant herd and the meerkats are to them the insignificant taxpayers.

Maybe the little meerkats are just trying to keep out of the way of this elephant herd.

The little taxpayer meerkats don’t want to get stepped on.

Or worse.

The meerkats voted at a township meeting to keep the herd away from their borrows.

When the elephants ignored their vote—after all elephants are more important than little meerkats, aren’t they?—they went to court to keep the big beasts from robbing them without their permission or even telling them they were going to be thundering across their breeding ground.

The insignificant meerkats went to court to keep the tax hiking elephant herd from stealing food out of their babies’ even smaller mouths.

Or maybe the meerkats were afraid that one of the herd will take a dung dump on the entrance to their burrow.

Would you want to have to crawl through a pile of elephant poop to get in and out your home?

And, the little meerkats, with the help of their attorney, Jim Bishop, won.

Three times.

But the elephants were like Madeline in the zoo. To the judge, they said,


Judge William Caldwell did not like having elephants dump a load on his decision.

So he hung them up to dry, threatening them with direct criminal contempt.

Ever hear of any other McHenry County elephants, I mean elected officials, being so threatened?

So, why is there a skunk in the title of this article?

Tune in tomorrow.

= = = = =
The photo of Gerry McMahon was taken at the annual Grafton Town Meeting.

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