Emails re Gay Marriage Continue to Arrive

Here’s the latest one:

“It seems there are many, many calls being made on HB 2234, the civil unions (gay marriage) bill. Worse yet, there seem to be an equal number of calls from both sides, so PLEASE MAKE YOUR CALLS IF YOU HAVEN’T AS YET.

“Each and every call is very important.

“Also, please add your Senator because if it passes the House, the Senate will then vote on it immediately and the Spring session is due to close by May 31, so it would come up quite quickly, even possibly before we had time to reach our Senators .

“Originally, this House Bill was not expected to come up for a vote in the House this session unless they were sure of support from its members, so this is another reason to MAKE YOUR CALLS.

  • Jack Franks – 217-782-1717- VOTE NO ON HB2234
  • Senator Althoff – 217-782-8000 – VOTE NO ON THE CIVIL UNIONS BILL (There is not yet a Senate Bill number for the Senate version).”

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