Pressure on Civil Unions Being Put on Jack Franks

With homosexual activists planning a vote on the civil union bill that does everything but name the union a marriage, I’ve been getting emails to call Jack Franks’ office.

Apparently, he is one of the “swing” votes.

One person who called, sent me this:

“I asked at his Woodstock office if he’d been getting calls on this bill but the woman said, ‘I really can’t say, goodbye.’

“So, my guess is, yes, they are receiving calls, but maybe afraid of another prayer rally, but definitely unwilling to talk about it casually so there likely is a fear factor on their end.”

She was also kind enough to include Franks’ office phone numbers:

Woodstock – (815) 334-0063; FAX – (815) 334-9147

Springfield – (217) 782-1717, FAX – (217) 557-2118

Of course, I live in Mike Tryon’s district, so Franks’ telephone answers don’t have to worry about my calling them.

Elise Bouc took several email alerts and boiled them down to the following:

“Profamily lobbyists in Springfield are reporting that full pressure is being placed on our legislators to pass the civil unions bill this week.

“The proponents of the bill have hired 8 lobbyists to push for civil unions.

“Many of our legislators are getting phone calls from out of state legislators pressuring them to vote for the bill.

“One legislator who is a no vote on the civil union bill reported that she was told by a lobbyist that they had surveyed her district and found that 80% of her constituents support civil unions. She was mystified as everyone she speaks to in her district is against civil unions.

“Obviously those who are pushing for civil unions are not above using deceit.

“Please note that every state high court that has ruled for same-sex marriage (IA, CA and MA) has cited the passage of pro-homosexual ‘rights’ legislation – especially civil unions – as its rational for imposing same-sex marriage.”

The message is simple writes Illinois Catholic Conference Zach Wichmann:

“Please vote no on Civil Unions. House Bill 2234 equates civil unions and marriage by conferring the same rights and benefits.”

As the email says, “…the definitions inside the bill make clear the effort is geared to same-sex marriage.

“Under the legislation, any party to a civil union would be considered a spouse under Illinois law and civil unions would enjoy all the protections and rights of marriage under law.”

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