Looking for RAGE

State Rep. Art Turner (D-Chicago) came up with a perhaps too revealing summary of Democrat attempts to raise income taxes 50%.

After an extended part caucus in which a reported 39 of the needed votes seemed to have identified themselves, according to the Chicago Tribune, the Madigan assistant said,

“We’re looking for courage. We’re close. We’ve got it spelled C-O-U-R, but we’re looking for the rest of it.”

I would observe that the last four letters of “COURAGE” is


Meanwhile in the Illinois Senate, the article says,

“…an even bigger tax plan emerged, courtesy of Sen. James Meeks(D-Chicago).

“The proposal — which could raise upward of $6 billion — would increase the income tax by 67 percent and expand the sales tax on services such as dry cleaning, video rental, dating services and carpet cleaning. The theory is that a larger tax bite would mean fewer cuts.”

Have an anxious weekend, taxpayers.

The main switchboard in Springfield is 217-782-2000. It’s open on the weekend.

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