Art Turner Gets Half of His Wish

Yesterday I wrote more stories about Springfield than I ever have before in one day.

I covered Mike Tryon’s campaign sign bill, Jack Franks’ recall constitutional amendment and the John Cullerton/James Meeks’ 67% income tax hike/ services sales tax imposition and Terry Link/Dave Syverson four casino bill.

But before all the action, I picked up on State Rep. Art Turner’s comment on the incomplete “COURAGE” being displayed by House Democrats.

I entitled it

After an extended part caucus in which a reported 39 of the needed votes seemed to have identified themselves, according to the Chicago Tribune, Turner said,

“We’re looking for courage. We’re close. We’ve got it spelled C-O-U-R, but we’re looking for the rest of it.”

I observed that the last four letters of “COURAGE” are


Meanwhile in the Illinois Senate, the article says,

“…an even bigger tax plan emerged, courtesy of Sen. James Meeks (D-Chicago).

“The proposal — which could raise upward of $6 billion — would increase the income tax by 67 percent and expand the sales tax on services such as dry cleaning, video rental, dating services and carpet cleaning. The theory is that a larger tax bite would mean fewer cuts.”

I ended the article with

“Have an anxious weekend, taxpayers.”

And that admonishment was before the State Senate voted to raise income taxes by 67% and taxed every electronic signal coming into our home except radio.

So, Turner has half of his wish.

Senate Democrats provided all the letters to his word “COURAGE” and now House has two income tax choices:

Up 50% or up 67%

But the RAGE may have to wait for readers of two of the four newspapers I read.

Look at the front pages of the Sunday editions of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Elgin Courier-News and McHenry County’s Northwest Herald.

Nothing about the pending tax hike above the fold on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. But there was room to hype a “summer fun” guide.

There’s a story about state politics on the Tribune’s front page, but it’s about politicians trying to get kids into the University of Illinois, not about politicians trying to pick our pockets.

Nothing about the tax hike below the fold either.

The Chicago Sun-Times did figure out that the tax hike story was important enough to mention on its front page, though. Kudos to the Sun-Times

In the Elgin Courier-News there is a large word that might be appropriate if applied to taxpayers:


But i’t about abandoned homes.

There is an ad for Elgin’s Grand Victoria Casino on the bottom of the page. Guess the paper has learned who is paying its bills.

But there is nothing in the paper about the 67% income tax hike passed in the Senate.

And, finally, the Northwest Herald’s front page:

Nothing above the fold, but the Associated Press story is found below.

So, the score card is 2 for 4.

Readers of the largest circulation newspaper in Illinois won’t know anything about the tax hike, if that is there only source of news today.

They will be in for a big surprise tomorrow, if either bill passes.

If you want to call your legislator, the state switchboard in Springfield is open. The number is 217-782-2000.

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