Steve Stanek Writes Lead Letter in Chicago Sun-Times

Here’s what McHenry resident Steve Stanek wrote the Chicago Sun-Times about those folks in Springfield

To the editor:

“Down in Springfield, it’s fool-the-taxpayer time,” the Sun-Times wrote (“If this is reform, what’s with the loopholes?” editorial, May 29). When is it not fool-the-taxpayer time?

On top of their sham campaign reform, Gov. Quinn and certain lawmakers want a “temporary” income tax increase in place of Quinn’s permanent 50 percent increase, which apparently cannot win enough votes to pass.

Remember, a “temporary” income tax increase became permanent under Gov. Jim Edgar.

That move was supposed to fix the state’s budget. Instead, budget woes have multiplied.

Tax increases simply enable more of the corrupt and wasteful spending that plagues this state. Tell the conniving manipulators who run Illinois no more tax increases!

Steve Stanek

The letter from Skokie’s Rick Singer isn’t bad either. Click to enlarge.

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The snake oil salesman is from a 50-year old cartoon on YouTube, “Make Mine Freedom,” a “Moving Minutes” Production by John Sutherland for the Extension Division of Harding College. It’s a defense of capitalism.

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