McHenry County Municipal, County, Etc., Pork

Besides the township road commissioner pork amounting to $1.9 million, cities and villages in McHenry County got some pork, too.

Hebron is going to get $150,000 for “public safety construction and road

Pretty broadly defined, wouldn’t you say?

I figure the village board can spend the money on virtually anything they want.

There’s $475,000 for the widening of Miller Road in McHenry and $575,000 for widening Rakow Road in Crystal Lake. Both are county highways.

There’s $700,000 for “all costs associated with Huntersville Sewer Project” in McHenry.

McHenry Township will receive $75,000 for the “construction of a food pantry building.” (Grafton Township got nothing for its food pantry.)

Crystal Lake is getting

  • $700,00 for “all costs associated with road infrastructure improvements.”
  • $482,000 for “all costs associated with the North Shore Flooding Improvement Project”
  • $100,000 for “all costs associated with water and sewer improvements”

Algonquin will receive $100,000 for “all 10 costs associated with roadway, sanitary, sewer, storm sewer, and water main improvements.”

Cary is getting $450,000 for the “Route 14 and Jandus Road intersection 17 improvements.”

The Cary Park District is getting $150,000 for “all costs associated with park improvements.”

The Fox Waterway Agency will be waiting for $1,000,000 for costs associated with capital upgrades to waterway, plus another $500,000 for “reconstruction and shoreline stabilization (Trinski Island).”

$200,000 is earmarked for Fox River Grove for “infrastructure improvements” and $200,000 for “reconstruction and public utility extension project.”

Fox Lake is getting $185,000 for “the construction of a de-icing storage and containment facility.”

And the Fox Lake American Legion Post 703 will get $50,000 for “costs associated with capital improvements to the facility.”

Lake in the Hills is getting three grants:

  • 300,000 for “costs associated with park development and improvements”
  • $100,000 for “capital improvements for Sunset Park” (In 2007, State Rep. Mike Tryon earmarked $45,000 for the park.)
  • $300,000 for park development and improvements”

Huntley’s share is $150,000 for “all costs associated with road and other capital improvements.”

$500,000 is in the bill for Johnsburg for “water and/or wastewater infrastructure improvements.”

Woodstock comes in with $300,000 in the pork sweepstakes. It’s for “road infrastructure improvements.”

And, my home town of Lakewood is even getting $200,000 for “all costs associated with road improvements.”

And, while not a municipality, the Richmond Fire Protection District will get $150,000 for “public safety improvements and construction of a parking lot”

Maybe you can find more McHenry County pork in House Bill 313.

If you do, please let me know so I can share the information more broadly.

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