Tryon Sums Up Session – 2

Yesterday Mike Tryon talked about the financial aspects of the spring legislative session. Today he talks about what happened to his own legislation

My Legislation

Here’s a quick recap of a few of my bills that were approved in the House and the Senate in the past couple of weeks.

House Bill 170 prohibits the installation of surface discharging private sewage disposal systems without proper permitting from the Environmental Protection Agency. This bill will protect the quality and supply of groundwater.

House Bill 1142 creates the Modular Housing Buyer Protection Act to provide greater protections from those who purchase manufactured homes. The bill provides recourse for those who purchase manufactured lemmings.

House Bill 1322
creates the Transportation Development Partnership Act to help fund local and state road projects. The bill allows counties the ability to lend IDOT money generated from the county sales tax and supplemental fuel tax in order to fund road projects included in IDOT’s five year transportation plan. The bill also allows counties to capture matching federal funds dedicated for transportation.

House Bill 4035 requires the state to purchase environmentally preferable supplies and services. The price preference is up to 10% of an environmentally preferable supply or service.

House Bill 4212 creates a task force to study the possibility of establishing a Military and Veterans Court within judicial circuits in Illinois. I introduced this bill because I believe our military service members and veterans struggle with unique issues that were incurred as a result of their service to this country. A Veterans Court will help create a fair justice system that will consider the very real service related mental health problems that may put our veterans into the court system.

Many of my legislative ideas come from my constituents in McHenry County.

I hope you know that your input is important to me as I represent your interests in Springfield.

As always, do not hesitate to contact my district office at (815) 459-6453.


Michael W. Tryon
Illinois State Representative

I took a look at Tryon’s legislation the second week of May and found nine bills that looked like they would pass.

One that didn’t would have set statewide guideline for the posting of campaign signs. After what seemed an innocuous amendment in the Senate, the bill came under attack and got one more negative than positive vote.

In the debate, McHenry County Democratic Party colleague Jack Franks took him on.

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