An Intersection in Search of a Traffic Signal

As I was driving back from the McHenry County Government Center the back way, I came upon an accident at the dangerous intersection of Briarwood and Route 176.

Briarwood is the first major intersection west of Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

As I approached from the north I saw two fire vehicles. I drove across 176 and took this photo.

Driving past I saw a pickup truck had collided with the back of a car.

Here’s what the pickup looked like. Looks like a light on top of the cab.

The car’s rear end was bashed in.

Eventually, the Crystal Lake Police arrived.

And, now to the point of the story.

This is a very dangerous intersection crying for a traffic light.

At the time of the traffic accident there was little traffic. It was around 2.

Three of the corners of the intersection are in Crystal Lake.

This is the corner that the traffic study conducted for Pete Heitman’s and Mark Houser’s baseball stadium at McHenry County College completely ignored.

Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen pointed that out during the zoning debate prior to the “No” votes by him and Councilman Ralph Dawson doomed the project.

It’s time for a traffic light.

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