Garbage Men in Chicago and Crystal Lake

I have always been amazed at how many people are employed collecting garbage in Chicago.

Didn’t there used to be four men on each truck?

Now there are three. Mayor Richard Daley talked earlier this year about cutting the number to two.

Why not one?

I don’t remember garbage trucks out here having more than one person, even before the machines were attached to lift the containers automatically. Maybe two when someone was being trained.

One morning I saw two MDC garbage trucks going in different directions.

One was picking up garbage, the other recyclables. The recycling containers now have yellow lids.

I don’t know why the guys in the picture on Douglas Street were out of their trucks. In the middle photo, you can see that for an ordinary pick-up, they don’t have to.

That proves it can be done.

When you see Daley announce one man per truck, you’ll know he’s serious about saving money.

The trucks from from EDC Environmental Services, which used to be called MDC Marengo Disposal Company. They now say “MDC” on the trucks.


Garbage Men in Chicago and Crystal Lake — 1 Comment

  1. I live in Round Lake and my husband is a garbage man and I have to say you’re making it sound like garbage men are lazy( some are yes) and I’m a little upset about it.

    My husband leaves at 330 and sometimes dose not get home till 530 or 6 on his bad days and the shop is 7 min from our house.

    He gets to spend an hour or less with our four kids before they have to go to bed and the weekends are packed with family time.

    They work 5 days a week and some work all seven, all day rain or shine, snow or blizzard (and it has to be 10 below without the wind chill before they are called in for a snow day).

    Sometimes there trucks do not have heat or no air condition and there are different shifts some garbage men work night shifts.

    Never has there been in his company two guys on one truck and the only way you get a helper is if your hurt or training and they do not train that long. The trucks in the picture one is a rear load that means you get out hook it to the back so it can be dumped.

    The other guy is dumping a red bind that is clearly extra recyclables and really he dose not have to do that his being nice.

    Until you have WORKED A DAY AS A GARBAGE MAN you should not make comments about how or why they do things.

    Maybe the company in the picture is over staffed. In that case get rid of the lazy ones that just finish there routes and run for home. Many time those guys get in late and finish early leaving the hard working guys (like my husband) out doing there job and helping other guys finish there, there is not to be a man left behind but some are selfish.

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