Pro-Lifers Set Pig Roast Campaign Fund Raiser for June 28th

Another pig roast at Irene Napier’s Valley View Road home will be held on Sunday June 28th. (Click to see the details on my invitation.)

Last year’s was at Resurrection Center.

This is a political fund raiser, which is apparently by invitation only for some McHenry County Health Department reason I fail to comprehend. If you didn’t get an invitation, call Irene at 815-459-3849.

Because next year all statewide officials are up, there probably will be a number of candidates courting pretty much the only source of reliable volunteers in McHenry County.

Last year DuPage County State’s Attorney Joe Birkett showed up.

My guess is that he will run for Attorney General again, if Attorney General Lisa Madigan runs for Governor against Pat Quinn.

Any serious candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor will be in attendance.

The cost is $50 per couple, $35 for individuals (pair up and save) and $10 per child.

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