Grafton Township Hall Expenses Revealed

I filed a Freedom of Information request with Grafton Township for the checks paid so far for the new township hall. That doesn’t include interest to Harris Bank on the debt certificates.

That’s the $3.5 million ($5 million+, if interest is included) financial transaction on which the Grafton Township Board voted 5-0 to settle up with the Harris Bank last night.

I received the list of expenditures before I went on vacation and will share them with you in descending order.

McHenry County Board member Marc Munaretto lists MJ Munaretto and Company’s number as his office number in the McHenry County Year Book. Several weeks ago I emailed him asking,

“I’ve just gotten the Grafton Township Hall expenditures and am curious what services were supplied for (I meant “by”) M.J. Munaretto & Co., Inc. to get $66,000.”

I have received no answer from that email or the telephone call messages I left several weeks ago.

I sent another email late last night and left a message at his office this morning. If I get a reply, I shall share it with you.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s Office reports the company president’s name and address as

900 PYOTT RD STE 101

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