Meeting with the Mayor

Yesterday, I wrote about McHenry County Democrat State Rep. Jack Frank’s Friday.

Franks rolled out evidence of spending big bucks in his campaign disclosure.

(Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the contributions’ side of Franks’ D-2. No contribution limits yet, remember.)

The display of ready cash coming in big chunks should make second tier Democrats contemplating a statewide race (like Julie Hamos) give new respect to the resources Franks can bring to the table on behalf of his political ambitions.

Even first tier candidates like State Comptroller Dan Hynes probably does not have the family money to match Franks’.

What’s Franks interested in?

My guesses are here.

He told the Northwest Herald he was interested in running for governor and, I guess, Franks could play the role that Mike Howlett took when Chicago ward bosses threw everything into defeating self-styled reform Democrat Dan Walker in 1976.

Franks has never portrayed himself as an organization guy, even as he has taken money from every union he could tap, including teachers’ unions.

Not only did Franks display his financial resources Friday, but he was on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight again.

And that wasn’t all that happened.

The McHenry County Democrat was granted a face-to-face with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

My guess is that in their heart of hearts that they are pretty close in political views.

The political arena in Chicago has, of course, resulted in Daley moving left.

Franks has shown similar leftward movement on abortion and gun control during the past year. But on abortion, at least, he backed off.

It will be interesting to see how Franks will modify his stands as he moves from conservative McHenry County to the liberal electorate that rules statewide Democratic primary elections.

No one would suggest those who control the Democratic Party statewide are not composed of tax eaters.

I can’t wait to see how they will react to Franks’ current opposition to an income tax hike.

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