Junket to China for District 158 Supt. John Burkey

Half the time the Skinner family was vacationing in the Intermountain West, Huntley School Superintendent John Burkey was in China.

Most of the junket seems to have been financed by the Chinese, at least that’s what a a front page article by Jameel Naqvi reported Monday.

Last year I sat through a show and tell of another administrator’s trip to Taiwan. Curriculum Director Mary Olson had a good story to go with her slides.

I emailed Burkey asking two questions which readers of McHenry County Blog would expect to learn:

  • What, if any District 158 tax dollars were spent on the trip to China?
  • Was he (Supt. Burkey) using vacation days for the trip?

The reply?

“Please complete the FOIA )Freedom of Information Act) for your request and submit as required.“

I did.

Let’s see how long it takes to get answers to questions that should not require a Freedom of Information request to be filed.

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