YR’s Elect Officers

The McHenry County Young Republicans elected officers this week.

Bryan Javor will be leading the 700-person organization for the second year. Other officers are

  • Erica Poremba, re-elected Vice-Chairwoman
  • Garret Hill, re-elected Secretary
  • Austin, re-elected Treasurer
  • Salvatore Cucinella, re-appointed Membership Chairman
  • Brian Hain, re-appointed Fundraising Chairman
  • Robert Lee, re-appointed Social Chairman
  • Angela James, re-appointed Education Chairwoman
  • Brendan Murphy, newly appointed Technology chairman.

Accomplishments listed by the leadership follow:

  • Membership exceeds 700 members.
  • Unprecedented local use of technology, the knowledge of which is being shared locally
  • Participated in 2008 Independence, Fiesta and Founder’s Day parades and so far this year in Independence and Fiesta Day parades. Will be walking in Founders Day Parade on Saturday, too. (Those feeling like Young Republican are invited to join the group at Eastwood School in Algonquin at 10:30.)
  • Operating budget surplus.
  • Assisted the following campaigns in general elections (8 of 9 Elected):

Dan Duffy; Elected
Phil Lonigro: Elected
Michael Carbone: Elected
Joni Smith: Elected
Dennis Jagla: Elected
Tom Palmer: Elected
Jim Schlader: Elected
Lee Jennings: Elected
Robert Lee: Not Elected

  • Assisted in Republican election victories by working unappointed, unelected and unworked precincts.
  • Obtained Federation of Illinois Young Republicans probationary charter and official charter.
  • 1 of only 14 county Young Republican groups in Illinois 102 counties.
  • Members who have moved away have been instrumental in the creation of other Young Republican groups in their new counties of residence such such as Derek and Maria Graham in Cumberland County TN.
  • Young Republicans have assisted the Republican Party in setting up new computers and networks within the headquarters facilities in addition to performing requested maintenance.
  • Held a very successful Candidate Rally for township elections

Goals for the coming year are

  • Increasing funds 200%.
  • Increasing quantity of active, voting members by 5%
  • Working side by side more effectively with candidates to aid in their election.

For more information, try this email: chairman@mchenryyoungrepublicans.com

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In the photo on top, you see, on the left, Bryan Javor, who was re-elected president of the group. Next is Brendan Murphy, who will serve as the new Technology Chair. Seen to his left is Jake Justen, one of the original members. Brian Hain will head up fundraising. Photo is posted by permission of photographer Brendan Murphy.

Other photos are from The McHenrian, the Young Republican’s start-up blog.

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