Woodies Invade Crystal Lake Main Beach – Part 4

Here’s the fourth installment of the Woodies on display at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach last Sunday, July 26th.

A 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible was the next car my camera lens focused on.

It also has a vanity plate, but from Illinois.

It says,


I didn’t know that Antique Vehicle vanity plates could be obtained.

This is a Pontiac Woody seen from the side.

Look at the front. Can you tell it’s a Pontiac?

I couldn’t until I enlarged the car’s logo. Isn’t it stunning?

Blue I can see and this Woody is blue.

I can see from its front that it is a Chrysler.

And, look at the vanity Antique Vehicle plate:


If you had any question about what wood decorated the car, that pretty well answers the question.

The last part of this five-part series is tomorrow.

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If you can supply more information about any of these vehicles, please leave it in comments.

If you want to save ash trees, here’s an article that tells you how. I traded treatment of my tree for an ad that I haven’t figured out how to post yet.

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