Woodies Invade Crystal Lake Main Beach – Part 5

This is the fifth of five articles about the Crystal Lake Park District Main Beach Woody show last Sunday.

The Antique Vehicle vanity plate on this cream Chevrolet convertible shows that the wood is ash:


Here’s the front view of the Chevrolet.

Here’s a car as old as I am. It’s license plate is one from 1942.

Wish I were in as good condition. You can see another view here.

Here’s another toughy for me. I think it’s a red Mercury. Am I correct?

The boxes in back are quite impressive.

I didn’t get all the Woodies at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach on July 26th, but I got most of them.

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If you want to save ash trees, here’s an article that tells you how. I traded treatment of my tree for an ad that I haven’t figured out how to post yet.

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