Message of the Day – A Sticker

I didn’t notice the content of my 12-year-olds’ stickers my son got at the McHenry County Fair until he was about to get in the car for an overnight at a friend’s.

“Dad, you have to wear it?” he told me.

He took off one and stuck it to my shirt. The second one he kept on his own shirt.

I went to the cheapest place to buy milk in Crystal Lake–Aldi’s. As I was checking out, the woman looked at my sticker and said,

“That’s an interesting message.”

“Provocative, too,” I should have replied.

He told me Mrs. Verr stuck it on him. Undoubtedly, Karen Verr, seen above from a photo I took of her and her husband Steve at 1st Way Pregnancy Support Services last year at the county fair.

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