Mystery as to Pot Field Location on Rural Woodstock McHenry County Conservation District Land

I saw an article in the Daily Herald, which apparently started out with the press release way below from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department yesterday.

The headline of the Daily Herald article says a

“Huge pot farm burned”

One of the “top two,” Sheriff Lt. Andrew Zinke told reporter Jameel Naqvi.

Naturally, I wanted to know where.
Since the press release mentioned the McHenry County Conservation District Police, I contacted the MCCD. I suspected that the marijuana was found on a conservation district property, just like last year in Hebron. No verification from the MCCD as to the site involved.

Just like last year.

I was directed to call the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. From there I was sent back to the MCCD.

Seems that the location is top secret, hush, hush. Maybe owned or controlled by both the DNR and MCCD in one way or another.

Here’s Thursday’s press release:

Cannabis Grow Operation Discovered Near Woodstock

Sheriff Keith Nygren announced the eradication of approximately two thousand five hundred cannabis plants at an outdoor cannabis grow operation located near northeast unincorporated Woodstock, Illinois. Members of the McHenry County Conservation Police discovered the outdoor cannabis grow operation and campsite during a recent joint investigation.

On August 12, 2009 members of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Unit, McHenry County Conservation Police, Illinois State Conservation Police and the DEA (Rockford Division) eradicated a cannabis field less than 2 acres in size. The field showed indications that it had been recently tended to and was in preparation of being harvested.

The estimated street value of the eradicated cannabis plants is 2.5 million dollars. The cannabis plants averaged from 5’ to 10’ in height. No suspects were arrested in conjunction with this outdoor cannabis grow.

This is the first such eradication to take place since 2008 in McHenry County. Evidence recovered from the scene is being evaluated for comparison to previous fields that were eradicated last year.

Any person with information about this crime or any others is encouraged to contact the McHenry County Sheriff’s Narcotics Division 1-815-338-2144 or CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-762-STOP. (1-800-762-7867).

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