Message of the Day – A Sledding Hill

This is pretty much the best sledding hill in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 6th and 7th grade our family lived in the first house on the right.

The address was 1265 Harrison Avenue. It was, as the address indicates, just south of 13th Street. Look at the slope.

Every day I walked the two blocks to 11th Street, another main north-south street you can almost see at the bottom of the hill, and a short block to Emerson Elementary School.

That was easy.

Walking home was not.

But, in winter, when slick ice covered the hill, we kids would slide from the top of the hill all the way to 11th street and, sometimes, I think, across 11th Street.

Dangerous, but you know how kids 11 and 12 are.

What fun!

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