Michelle Malkin Nails Melissa Bean

Last Friday conservative commentator Michelle Malkin publicized that 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean for holding a meeting on health care where the entrance fee was $25.

It’s a Multi-Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Here’s the notice Malkin posted:

Town Hall Breakfast meeting with Congresswoman Melissa Bean. Hear her positions on Healthcare, Railroads, Taxes and more. Questions and answers following. Multi-Chamber event.

Includes Full Breakfast. Advance registration required. $25 per person. Includes full breakfast. RSVP required by August 24.

Oh, yes. You have to be a member of one of the chambers of commerce.

Congressman Don Manzullo is speaking at a forum on health care Friday night at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn. The cost is $5, which probably pays for the room. Anyone can come.


Michelle Malkin Nails Melissa Bean — 2 Comments

  1. Oh c'mon Cal, you know as well as I the local chambers set these fees, and invite the politicians as their speakers.

    Mark Kirk spoke at a $25 chamber gig two weeks ago in Naperville. Exact same thing.

    If the gate at Manzullo's gig is $5 then your local chamber is probably operating at a loss.

  2. I am told that the Patriots United health care forum at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn broke even.

    Don Manzullo is holding a free Town Hall meeting at McHenry County College on Sunday, Sept. 20th. Starts at noon. Doors open at 11:30.

    Melissa Bean has not held a Town Meeting as of today, Sept. 2.

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