Mentioner Returns for Jack Franks

Chicago Tribune political writer Rick Pearson may ignore State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) as a potential candidate for governor in the Democratic Party primary, but Chicago ABC TV reporter Charles Thomas is still willing to mention his name.

Franks got considerable face time on the highly-rated Six O’Clock News.

This comment from attorney Franks cracked me up:

“I’m just a farm boy from Marengo.”

True, Franks’ grandfather was a pig farmer, but I don’t think qualifies Franks as a farm boy. And, his father Herb is a lawyer, too.

If Franks is a “farm boy,” I guess I am, too, since I vacationed at my grandfather’s farm near Barkley, Maryland.


Mentioner Returns for Jack Franks — 1 Comment

  1. That Jack. Always good for a chuckle. Farm boy from Marengo, my tuckus. But, he can get away with it with Charles Thomas. Methinks Mr. Thomas did not do his homework on our Representative Attention Monger prior to the interview.

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