Twirling Gas Meter, Begone

The Collinsville blog Respublica has an interesting story about a Saturday visit by an employee of the family’s gas company.

This is what caught my attention:

“…the man asked to come in and check the pilot lights. Dale showed him the oven-no pilot light-igniter. He showed him the furnace-no pilot light-igniter. Then the guy wanted to see the hot water heater. No pilot light-tankless water heater.

“Ha! Again Ha. Putting in that tankless water heater was the best thing we ever did. No more constant heating of water day and night when it isn’t being used. Keeping it hot with that little pilot light.”


“Lesson here-those pilot lights make the gas meter go round. Do yourself a favor when it’s time to change out appliances. Go no pilot lights. And get a tankless water heater.”

Wish I had thought of that when we replaced our old water heater.

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