There will be demonstrators in Fox River Grove Wednesday evening, but not until after rush hour is over.

Here’s what popped into my computer when I went to the web site.

Wednesday, 2 Sep 2009, 7:30 PM
We Can’t Afford to Wait Public Action NOW Vigil – 5 miles away
Rt. 14 at Lincoln Avnue

22 registered participant(s) (20 maximum) Event is full
Rt. 14 at Lincoln Avenue
Fox River Grove, IL, IL 60021

Directions: Take Route 14 (Northwest Highway) until you reach Lincoln Avenue in Fox River Grove. Lincoln is just southeast of the Fox River.

Hosted by Marylou Nunamaker

Description The corner of Rt. 14 and Lincoln Avenue in Fox River Grove is wheel chair accessible. It is near a railroad station, so we must be aware of the train tracks and the train traffic around this area.

If anyone decides to hold placards across the street where home bound car (but not train) traffic might be more likely to see a sign, please take some pictures and send them to McHenry County Blog.

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