Paying the Tryon-Althoff-Beaubien Tax

From now on, every time I buy a bottle of my liquor of choice, Kahlua, I’ll think of the McHenry County state legislators who voted to hike the cost of my bottle by about $6.

It cost about just under $30 before their September 1st tax hike.  Now it’s 36.22.

I noticed that the shelf was pretty empty, so I guess others were smarter than I was.

So, thanks to Pam Althoff, Mark Beaubien and Mike Tryon.

Want to see how much taxers on alcoholic beverages increased.  Look here.


Paying the Tryon-Althoff-Beaubien Tax — 1 Comment

  1. The tax on hard liquor went from $4.50 per gallon to $8.55 per gallon, an increase of $4.05 per 128-ounce gallon or 3.16¢ per ounce, so the tax on a fifth? 25.6 oz bottle should have gone up 81¢. Your liquor store is ripping you off Cal.

    Your friend from Springfield.

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