Playing Keep Away in the Huntley School District

District 158 administrators were ticked.

What did board member Aileen Seedorf ask for that got administrators up in a huff?

At the last meeting, she asked for a copy of the ice melt bid spec to read when administrators recommended throwing out all of the bidders.

Not to read during the meeting, but to have it sent to her after the meeting.

She also asked to be able to read the correspondence from the vendors to the district.

What were the administrators’ replies during the meeting to Seedorf?

Provide a written request for the information.

In what was an exchange that went on for ten minutes or longer, administrators refused to agree to provide the documents to Seedorf without a written request.

Outright stubbornly refused. Not once or twice, but again and again.

Is there any other group of school administrators around–or in all of Illinois for that matter–who arbitrarily insist a board member give them a written request to obtain a set of public bid specs?

Superintendent John Burkey was among those obstinately refusing to do so during the meeting.

Later during the same meeting, Seedorf asked how it is the superintendent wasn’t making a recommendation whether the district should be doing a survey on a new high school or expansion now or waiting a year.

Board member Kevin Gentry jumped to Burkey’s defense with

“Why would you want the Superintendent to make a recommendation?”

To which Mrs. Seedorf replied,

“Because he’s being paid to do this.”

It seemed the other administrators were amused.

Are there any other school boards in Illinois where an “experienced” board member asks publicly why a board member would want the Superintendent to make a recommendation? This is Gentry’s third year on Huntley’s school board.

The empty seat to Burkey’s right is that of Board President Shawn Green.

When the meeting ended, after telling me that President Barack Obama would not be granted access to classrooms in District 158, he hurried to speak to Seedorf.


Playing Keep Away in the Huntley School District — 3 Comments

  1. Cal, what is your goal for continually bad-mouthing District 158 administration and staff? Do you want Dr. Burkey to resign? Do you want Mark Altmeyer to resign? Since you aren't a parent in the district, I question your motives.

  2. I'm trying to encourage open and honest government.

    As the statement of purposed under the mast head says, "This is a journal of news and opinion designed to bring to light matters of public interest and to encourage public participation in the governmental process."

    Thank you for participating.

    Surely you don't think a school board member should be denied bid specs when I wasn't. (I posted them on my back-up blog so people could see them.)

  3. If your goal is to encourage open and honest government, where are your reports on the other school districts in the area? Why do you spend so much time and effort focussing on District 158? Is every other district in McHenry County perfect?

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