Stories You May Have Missed over the Labor Day Weekend

On any three-day weekend, readership starts slacking off after noon on Friday.

Just to make it easy for you to find stories you might want to read on this blog that does not go to sleep on weekends, here are the stories published since then:

McHenry High School District Previewing President Barack Obama’s Address to Students in Classrooms, Allowing Opt-Out Even Then

County Board Committee Set to Award $15 Million in Bonding Authority to Baseball Stadium Tuesday

Bianchi Offers Statement on Appointment of Special Prosecutor

Message of the Day – A Roofer

What Grafton Township’s Just Resigned Attorney Sees as Looming Legal Issues

Despite Meeting All Bid Specs, TruGreen Ice Melt Bid Rejected, Huntley School Board Agrees to Re-Bidding

Harvard High School Running Obama’s Tuesday Speech Through Social Studies Department

Weekend of Decision for Jack Franks

Sun-Times Covers Bianchi Special Prosecutor Decision by Associate Judge Gordan Graham, Trib Has Article about Pumpkin Tosser

Paying the Tryon-Althoff-Beaubien Tax

Message of the Day – Haze

Teachers Needing a Remedial Math Class

Crystal Lake Youth Gets National Boy Scout Heroism Award at Camp Lowden

McHenry County Green Party Opposes $15 Million for Baseball Stadium

Playing Keep Away in the Huntley School District

Kane County Health Department Wants a $150,000 a Year Epidemiologist

“Hecklers’ Veto” Not Applicable to Patriots United Forum on Health Care

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