Melissa Bean Garners Female Republican Opponent – Long Grove Village President Maria Rodriguez

Below is the press release from Maria Rodriguez, the latest candidate to announce for the Republican  nomination in the 8th congressional district.

She is the two-term president of the Village of Long Grove. My wife shopped there with her mother last weekend and the Downtown shopping area was quite crowded.

If Rodriguez wins the GOP primary against two men, that will negate Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s gender advantage.

Bean is in operating out of bunker mentality, having refused to hold any town meetings on health care during the summer recess. The few times she did appear in public, it was at a local chamber of commerce meeting, e.g., the one at the McHenry County Club.

Five women put on a pretend town meeting in Libertyville that mocked her mercilessly in this YouTube posting.

Maria Rodriguez Announces Candidacy for the Eighth Congressional District

LAKE COUNTY, IL – Maria Rodriguez, two-term President of Long Grove, will throw her hat into the ring Thursday to represent Illinois’ 8th Congressional District.

“I am running because members of Congress have lost touch with the people. They are not listening and that is unacceptable to me,” Rodriguez said. “The fact that my opponent refuses to hold a town hall meeting on health care when it threatens to fundamentally change our nation is not acceptable.”

Together with Sen. Dan Duffy and Representative Ed Sullivan, Rodriguez plans to hold a town hall meeting on Saturday, September 26th to hear what the residents have to say about all current issues. The event will be widely publicized as soon as they find a large enough venue.

A Republican with a long history of public service, Rodriguez has been president of Long Grove since 2005. Previously she served as a village trustee and village clerk.

She holds a degree in economics from the University of Illinois.

In addition to politics, Rodriguez has been active in the Rotary Club as well as many church and school activities. “As Congresswoman, I will continue to serve.” she said. “My top priorities will be balancing the budget, lowering taxes, and limiting the intrusion of government in our lives.”

Rodriguez has lived in Lake County for 25 years. She and her husband, Ray, have raised three children during their 29-year marriage.

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