Algonquin’s Maggie Auger Runnnig for Kane County Board

The following press release has been received from Maggie Auger announcing her candidacy for Kane County Board District 23.

Kane County, unlike McHenry County, has single-member districts. That allows an active candidate to knock on every door.

McHenry County has multi-member districts. Four seats are in each of six districts. Such an arrangement usually holds down minority representation. “Minority” in this case refers to Democrats. Pockets of Democratic Party strength can be expected to be mixed with stronghold areas of the Republican Party during reapportionment.

Margaret “Maggie” Auger of Algonquin continues to prepare for the upcoming campaign for Kane County Board Member for District 23

“My exploratory candidacy has been enthusiastically received by the Kane County community, and we continue to prepare for our formal announcement later this month. My campaign’s official website is up and running as of today, September 12th.

“I will be at the Dundee Township Republicans Picnic tomorrow (Sunday, September 13th) to meet and talk with voters.”

The Citizens for Maggie Auger committee was created last month, and now has its mailing address:

Citizens for Maggie Auger
PO Box 7844
Algonquin, IL 60102

In addition, Maggie’s campaign e-mail and campaign web site are up. Going forward, Maggie can be contacted directly at:

Auger expects to complete the exploratory phase of her candidacy and make an official announcement later this month. Petition filing for Kane County Board begins on October 26th and runs through November 2nd. District 23 includes all of the village of Algonquin within Kane County, as well as portions of Carpentersville, Sleepy Hollow, West Dundee and unincorporated Dundee.

For more information about Maggie, including her exemplary qualifications for Kane County Board, as well as to express your wishes to volunteer for her campaign, please check the campaign’s new website at:

Why is she running?

Here’s what her web site says:

“Now that I am done raising my children, I have the time to dedicate to the role of Kane County Board.

“With balancing the budget as a looming issue, I would like to add new insight to the review of the current budget. As in our personal lives, our county government must operate within the revenue we collect, pay as we go, ensure the revenue collected is used as efficiently as possible and plan for the future. I would be open to new ideas and would appreciate your input. The needs of the departments need to be considered along with the needs of the taxpayers.

“With other issues, including transportation, open space, controlled growth; I will listen to all sides of the issue and seek to do what is best for the taxpayers of Kane County. As an attorney, arbitrator, and Chairperson of the Planning and Zoning Commission, I have the skills and experience to listen to various sides to an issue and use that to guide in making a decision that benefits the whole. I will apply these skills and experience as a Kane County Board member.

“Please support me and vote for me on February 2, 2010.”

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