Domestic Battery Guilty Plea Despite of Victim’s Lack of Cooperation

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office has succeeded in obtaining a guilty plea from a second time domestic violence offender. The press release follows:


McHenry County State’s Attorney Louis A. Bianchi is pleased to announce that Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally successfully prosecuted another evidence-based prosecution case.

Donald Jordan was charged with Aggravated Domestic Battery (felony offense) in September 2007 for striking his wife with an iron key chain resulting in 2 lacerations which required sutures.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kenneally went forward with the case despite the unavailability of the victim as a witness.

He planned to present photos of the victim, blood evidence in the home and the victim’s statement to a hospital nurse as evidence.

The defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 2 years probation, 60 days McHenry County jail, successful completion of partner abuse classes, no contact with the victim, $1,000.00 fine and agreed to consume no alcohol during the period of probation.

A felony conviction was entered upon his record. The defendant was eligible for a felony charge because the victim suffered great bodily harm.

Additionally, the defendant had a prior domestic battery conviction. Under Illinois law, a defendant may be eligible for a felony on the second offense.

The evidence-based prosecution approach to domestic violence was initiated by the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office in 2007 to increase the number of successful domestic violence prosecutions in which the victim is uncooperative and/or unavailable for testimony.

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