Chicago Tribune – Six Days Late on ACORN, Seven, If You Count Internet Stories

I read the Chicago Tribune pretty thoroughly. This week after the Fox News expose on community organizing group ACORN Friday, a week ago, I was watching for stories.

The TEA Party folks had ACORN’s number. You can see that from the sign at the July 4th TEA Party demonstration in Crystal Lake.


So did a Liberty Trail TEA Party demonstrator last Saturday on Randall Road.  The sign read,


That was on the south side of Algonquin Road.  On the north side, there was a sign, too.  It said,


The Chicago Tribune didn’t notice that demonstration. Neither did the Northwest Herald.

But on Thursday–six days after this hilarious story broke on Fox News–the Chicago Tribune did notice.

It came to pretty much the same conclusion I did.  I was laughing out loud the Friday before last as Fox News blanketed its commentary shows with James O’Keefe’s and Hannah Gile’s undercover (well, not much cover on Giles) investigation.

Their videos showed ACORN’s willingness to help a “pimp” and a “prostitute” set up their own shop, complete with underage Salvadorian girls, whom, as ACORN helpfully suggested, could be claimed as dependents for income tax purposes.

On Thursday the Tribune’s first article appeared.  But it didn’t emphasize what the videos revealed.  It focused on ACORN’s response.

A little sidebar next to the Thursday article explained what the Tribune had ignored since the Friday before.  The sidebar does not tell what happened the Baltimore video that was on Fox News six days before.

So, six days after the story surfaced, the Chicago Tribune noticed.

On the seventh day of the story, Friday, the Tribune ran an article about the “backlash” in Washington.  That backlash started Monday with a U.S. Senate vote, by the way.

The Tribune also wrote an editorial. It even pointed out that Illinois Democrats Dick Durbin and Roland Burris were 2 of 7 U.S. Senators who voted against prohibiting Federal grants to ACORN.

That the vote was on Tuesday–two days before–and the Tribune had not covered the story did not embarrass the Tribune one bit.

Friday, the Tribune reported, as early as possible this time, that the House of Representatives had followed suit.  But, strangely, the story does not emphasize the names of the four congress folks who voted on ACORN’s side.

They were, just in case you’re interested,

Danny Davis
Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Bobby Rush 
Jan Schakowsky

On Thursday, by the way, Jackson made the news because the U.S. Justice Department had asked the House Ethics Committee to suspend its probe into his role in the appointment of a replacement for U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

There was no interview of Illinois’ two United States Senators.  Fox tried to interview Burris yesterday and only got that he supported ACORN.  The Tribune apparently has not sought justifications from any of our members of Congress.

The state’s leading paper did interview videographer O’Keefe, however.  The story provides some background I had not heard or read elsewhere. The telephone “proposition,” as the Tribune put it, for the project came from Giles.

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