Where Else Did the Park District Look for Property?

During the Crystal Lake City Council’s send off of the Crystal Lake Park District’s proposal to purchase Viking Dodge, this little thought entered my mind.  For the article about the council meeting, see

Crystal Lake City Council Lights Park District Viking Funeral Pyre

Since no purchase of property was being contemplated, I could probably obtain the appraisals of the sites being considered besides Viking Dodge.

I filed my little Freedom of Information form (literally half the size of every other governmental entity) and was provided with appraisals for the following locations:

  • Oak Manufacturing (at least that’s what I’ll always call it), the old manufacturing building at the southeast corner of East Crystal Lake Avenue and Main Street
  • Parts of the Immanuel Lutheran Church property between Crystal Lake Central High School and the shopping center with the Jewel grocery store
  • Viking Dodge

For the life of me, I don’t know why the three locations could have not been made public from the day Viking Dodge was selected.

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Graphics by Alan Showalter, creator of One Heck of a Guy blog.

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