Jack Franks Supporter List – L and M

We are almost halfway through the alphabet of those featured on the invitation to State Rep. Jack Franks’ fund raiser. Today we look at the L’s and M’s:

Dr. Philip and Helene Lambruschi
Ronald J. Lapinski
Veronica Lapinski
Maureen Larson
Chief Laufer
Fred Learman
Cody LeBaron
Susan Leckie
Mike and Vicki Lee
Ann Legg
Sandy Leone

Bob Levin and Debs Wallner
Ken and Denise Linde
Gene and Sandy Lindow
Eileen Liston
Joseph Loch
Mayor Don Lockhart
Marcia Lockwood
Scott Logan
Chief Anthony Loporchio
Carol Louise
Mayor Sue Low
Robert Ludwig
Ed and Kay Lutz
Ed and Marlene MacDonald
Scott and Carla Mackey
Bob and Judy Martens
Kene and Mary Ellen Marunde
Chuck and Wanda Marzahl
Nancy Mattesius
John and Mary Margaret Maule
Roger and Sandy May
Brian and Jeanna McCafferty
Mary McCann
Cheryl McCauley
Shirley McDonald
Brian McSherry
Tom McTavish
Dick Menzel
Adam Metz
Paul and Cindy Meyer
Brian Meyers
Dick and Ellen Meyers
John and Barb Miceli
Joe and Judi Miceli
Steve Mitchell
Gall Modetz
Mimi Moy
Dan Murphy
Dennis and Sue Murphy
Lorraine Murphy
Michael Murphy
Lee Muto


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  1. Ilook forward to when you list the "P's" so I can see my name.

    Kathy Posner

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