Lake Barrington Sports Complex Might Provide Template for Lakewood’s

was the headline in the Daily Herald October 27, 2008.

The story reported on a Lake Barrington field house that–at 175,000 square feet–would be the largest in the state.

Trivia question:

When the Crystal Lake Community High School Field House was completed, where was the only one larger in Illinois located? (See bottom of article for the answer.)

The article said that Tom Laue of Barrington “spearheaded the complex’s development.”

Pretty much name your sport. Except for bowling, if it has a ball, there’s an indoor space to play it at the Lake Barrington Field House. There’s also a walking track and meeting/party rooms.

There’s one interesting line on the front page of its web site:

“GAME RAINED OUT? Call Us!! Open time may be available.”

But, then again… 

 More information can be obtained from the Fox News story, which you can link to from the Field House web site, and this one from NBC.

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The answer to the trivia question is the University of Illinois.

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