More on the Marc Munaretto $66,000 Grafton Township Commission Check

Pete Gonigam of the First Electric Newspaper got Marc Munaretto to talk to him about the $66,000 commission paid him by Grafton Township when Supervisor John Rossi and the trustees sold the Grafton Hall to the Grafton Township Road District.

Prior to publishing the list of who got what out of the aborted deal, McHenry County Blog left repeated phone and email messages Munaretto asking for an explanation.  There was no reply.

Gonigam refers to the deal as “a transaction so apparently simple it would almost amount to a bookkeeping entry.”

Munaretto said that he found a $1.1 million offer, but a higher offer came through.

The township board, however, sold the property to the road district for $611,000.

As Gonigam puts it,

“How $611,000 trumped a $1.1 million offer is part of what makes trying to unravel the Grafton Township controversy something like trying to sort out a plate of spaghetti.”

And, so far this information has not been published by either of the daily Heralds.

Very interesting.

Both the lack of coverage…

and the deal.


More on the Marc Munaretto $66,000 Grafton Township Commission Check — 6 Comments

  1. Please include the remaining facts from that article, which included:
    …We hired a professional appraiser and he valued (the road district-financed property) at $800,000. So we allowed Jack $600,000 for that," said Zirk. In addition, according to Zirk the (road)district paid another $611,000 cash in a total package valued at $1.2 million; more than the $1.1 million offer Munaretto brought in.

  2. Mr Laporta, If Mr Skinner indeed published –ALL– the facts in his excerpts, then there would be no need to continue this blog. This site exists to purport just half the facts (at best). For anyone looking for all the facts, you will certainly not find them here.

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