Duffy Withdraws from Legislative Scholarship Program

A press release from State Senator Dan Duffy:

Duffy Withdraws from Legislative Scholarship Program

Barrington, Illinois – State Senator Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) announced his decision to withdraw from the Illinois General Assembly Legislative Scholarship Program today.

“This was not an easy decision,” said Senator Duffy. “It was based on my commitment to fighting corruption, increasing transparency and fairness. Like many government programs, the recipients of these funds are happy to receive them. However, I have discovered that the Legislative Scholarship process has very little oversight and it is not transparent. It is therefore subject to possible corruption.”

The 26th District Senator noted,

“The only way to reduce the misuse of funds is to remove programs that make it possible. Unfortunately, the Legislative Scholarship Program is easy to abuse.”

“As an Illinois State Senator, it is critical that I fulfill the promises I made to my constituents,” explained Senator Duffy. “I have promised to fight corruption, encourage job growth and keep taxes low. This decision is just another step towards fulfilling those promises.”

By law, each member of the General Assembly may award the equivalent of eight years free tuition to anyone based on any criteria they choose. The only limitations are that the student attend an Illinois state institution, live in the legislator’s district and is not a close relative.

Only Maryland and Illinois allow legislators to award scholarships to students.


Duffy Withdraws from Legislative Scholarship Program — 3 Comments

  1. We applaud your courage and leadership Senator, Duffy!

    We the people at,

    make you an 'Honorary law man!'

    "We the people,' are 'Fed Up' and were not taking 'CORRUPTION' AND 'GREED' any longer!"

    'Inspector Harry Callahan' says, "Keep up the good work Senator, Dan Duffy!"

    Honesty has no 'party' lines! Our blog site stands for J-U-S-T-I-C-E!

    For All!

  2. Take a look to see what happen's in local McHenry County, Neighborhood's as a direct result of your Sherrif's lack of leadership.

    Good hard working families are being driven from their homes!

    'Drug dealers' and 'GangBanger' Punks rule parts of your home county!

    Your 'Sheriff' stopped taking his phone calls on his tax payer funded, $500,000.00 communications system!

    He states so in his own words to the NW Herald!

    A vote for 'Dirty Keith' is a vote for what you are about to see at:


    We need more men of 'Integrity,' like Dan Duffy!

    "No more 'Dirty Keith!'"

  3. Simply turning your back on a problem doesn't solve it. Considering the State has withdrawn MAP funding for the 2nd semester, many college students will have to put their education on hold, if not have to give it up altogether. As such, this move penalizes young men & women who truly need such assistance and are in no way responsable for its shortcomings.
    Using this example, Senator Duffy should not participate in any state aid program because they're all filled with waste and corruption. C'mon Senator, step up to the plate and actually try to do something as opposed to simply throwing your arms in the air and walking away. That's what you were elected to do, solve difficult issues.

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