Bob Kustra for University of Illinois President?

It seems I found the Thursday before last’s editorial in the Chicago Tribune too boring to read carefully.

But the Idaho Statesman reminded me of one interesting paragraph:

“We can think of a strong candidate (for a successor):

Boise State University President
Bob Kustra,

who is a former Illinois lieutenant governor and state senator. Kustra is a successful college president and he navigated Illinois politics with extremely high integrity. Illinois’ premier public university will need a president who can handle the politics without succumbing to this state’s breathtakingly corrupt political culture.”

For those new to to the political arena, Kustra was the Establishment candidate for U.S. Senator when he was upset by Lake County’s State Rep. Al Salvi.

The graduation rate in six years for Boise State is 28%.

On August 31st, the Chicago Tribune took Chicago State University to the wood shed for having a 16% graduation rate after six years.

On this, McHenry County Blog scooped the Tribune on June 27th.


Bob Kustra for University of Illinois President? — 1 Comment

  1. This is not so far-fetched. Idaho absolutely de-values higher education and their latest budgets confirm more of the same (cutting it for 3-4 years now). Kustra has done yeoman’s work at BSU, under incredibly hostile conditions that their wingnut rural Idaho politicos haven’t a clue about….even though they’ve lost 4 of their top 6 corp HQs/employers in the last 5 years.

    As of 1/11/10 (the latest Idaho scorched-earth, higher-ed budget) he’s gotta be looking around; he’d be a fool not to.

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