Nunda Township Rejects Petition Call for Special Meeting

In August and September, McHenry County Blog reported on Jerry Walsh’s and William Douglas Mann’s petition attempt to call a special Nunda Township meeting called to obtain a referendum to repeal the Nunda Township Open Space Plan.

A press release has been received from Walsh that tells of their attempt being rebuffed. It appears below:

Nunda Supervisor John Heisler denies citizens’ request for special town meeting

According to township attorney, James Militello, the nine pages of petitions filed by “approximately 67 alleged voters” is “not in compliance with township code….”

The reasons given for denial were stated as

1) “The Petition does not state ‘a special meeting is necessary for the interests of the Township’ and

2) The object of the meeting is not relevant to powers granted to electors under the Township Code.”

It is obvious that Supervisor Heisler is doing all that he can to stop this citizen action aimed at repealing Nunda’s mechanism to increase residents’ future taxes.

Watch their web site for updated postings, and email if you would like to join with us in fighting future Nunda Township tax increases through the defeat of the Nunda Open Space Plan.

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